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Yoni IV


Yoni IV by Melie C.

Aquarelle & Dried Flowers.

Framed by the artist.

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From the “Yoni” collection.

Sacred femininity, fertility, sensuality.

Inspired by Gustave Courbet’s “L’ origin du monde”, the “Yoni” series is an ongoing project that wants to connect us with one of our most powerful energy centers inside our body, which provide us with the divine spark of creativity. In many ancient civilizations, this center was considered not only as a part of our human body where we share physical pleasure but it also played a big role to the exchange of energies and manifesting them to life.

In an effort to depict the lightweight, alluring and welcoming feminine energy, the series open a dialogue with the viewer and try to evoke different feelings in order to transcend from the physical form to the cosmic energies until we find this universal power that is held within us, despite stereotypes and social norms.

Aquarelle & Dried Flowers on 220gr paper.

Framed by the artist.

The works comes with the Descriptive Text and a certificate of Authenticity.

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 1 cm


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