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Untitled by Recesses of the Soul.

Print on 100% cotton paper.


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About the artwork:

I’m a child as accessory

As desperation in femininity

An extension of your life leisure

I am a grown accessory

A substitute solidified


My feet are not round nor square

They can land in a shopping bag beautifully

Carry me around like accessory

I am a human soul in a play room

In despair in femininity

A child as an accessory*

A substitute so petrified


I change and I grow

I am and am not

A substitute solidified

I like the child in me don’t hate it

I love the weariness and the carrying around

It is mine and I don’t hate it

The child in me is hugging my feet and asks me to

Please don’t break it


You are a human bit so whole

I see your very soul

She says


Printed on 100% cotton paper 500gr.

Limited edition of 5.

The works comes with the Descriptive Text and a certificate of Authenticity.

Tax included.

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Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 40 cm


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