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Substitute by Recesses of the Soul.

Pencil on paper.


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About the artwork:

am i a part of a fantasy

am i picture to be taken 

am i a substitute? 

am i the impression out of glimpses 

am i an ellipsis? 

am i for consumption

blueprint of affection 

am i soothing your boredom 

distracting you from wisdom 

am i a look alike of a human?

am i a mind trip 

a fruitless eye trick, kill me!

am i blurring your vision 

ruining your calm 

am i too much too small

too thin too tall

a paper little doll 

hang me up on your wall

and kill me!


and you know i can fit wherever 

in a plane or a car seat 

above the sink 

always as a consequence of a choice 

never the one to make it 

i’m a substitute! kill me!

i’m so happy to be next to 

your feet your hair your speech

your air your dreams your screen 

i’l watch what you watch

and laugh at your joke 

look at me! kill me!


am i a part of dream 

am i a figure on a screen 

am i carrying out the dream

in a nice manner, it’s so grand 

kill me?

do i fit right with the kids 

i’m someone’s else’s  daughter 

gimme a kiss 


am i a shape, a bag of bones 

my skin is nice though

gimme a kiss

do i smell alright 

am i hanging on real tight

am i an oddball of a muse 

go kid get your shoes 

and give us a kiss 

always smiling always cheer 

always pretty always near!


a paper little doll 

hang me up on your wall

and kill me!

Pencil on paper.

100% cotton paper 500gr.

The works comes with the Descriptive Text and a certificate of Authenticity.

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Additional information

Dimensions 37 × 54 × 3 cm


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