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Euphoric Romance


Euphoric Romance by M_theta_

Acrylics & Gold Flakes on Beige Linen Canvas.


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Spring symbolizes rebirth. The flowers bloom, the trees bear fruit, the long awaited summer is approaching. The essence of Spring is followed by a feeling of warmth in the atmosphere, a sense of impatience.

The light of Spring is a source of inspiration for M_Theta as the serene images of nature are flooded with optimism and hope for tomorrow.

The oversized olive branch (made of gold flakes) that appears in the center of the artwork, is a symbol of spiritual rebirth, of new life. A very strong image of hope after what the whole world experienced, a very cold winter and two difficult years full of question marks.
A romantic scene where two young girls unite through nature and become a source of inspiration, beauty and prosperity.
Their faces, as they look at each other and their hands as they touch the olive branch, refer to the coming of Spring, to the rebirth of Nature and Love.

Acrylics & Gold Flakes on Beige Linen Canvas.

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Dimensions 155 × 90 cm


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