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Magda Roumelioti

Mar Mosaics


Magda Roumelioti lives and works at Athens, Greece, where she maintains her own workspace as Mar Mosaics at the vivid streets of Acropolis area.

Studies in Universita di Lettere e Filosofia in Firenze, field of study in Lingue Straniere Moderne. What lead to her occupation with mosaic artistry was the fact that she has always considered Mosaic as the form of art that could, through the combination of painting, design, decoration and sculpture and following the evolution of contemporary art, achieve a unique incorporation of the immaterial and allow for a variety of symbolisms through the considerable diversity of the materials and innovative techniques at the artist’s disposal.

That journey began at 2007, following an apprenticeship of 5 years at the Art school of Mosaic. She has participated in mosaic courses that were offered by the renowned Scuola del Mosaico di Spilimbergo, thereby furthering her knowledge in the Contemporary Mosaic form of expression. Also partecipated in mosaico courses during the seminar which was held in Athens by Marco De Luca.

Apprenticed at several art workspaces under the guidance of renowned painters. Graduated from the school of Jewellery Craftsmanship, Galileo, in Athens, where she created her own handmade jewelry. She’s member of the International Contemporary Mosaic Association, AIMC.

  • group exhibition “Art’s Birthplace, Athina 2021” at Time of Art, Kifissia
  • XII Florence Biennale, Fortezza da Basso
  • 6th Mosaic Exhibition, Athens
  • Biennale di Mosaico Contemporaneo, Ravenna
  • Gallery Bassi, Remagen Germany
  • La Maison de la Mosaique Contemporaine, Paray-le Monial, France
  • Mosaic as Contemporary Art, Sartre France
  • Museum of the City of Athens
  • Musiva Firenze, Palazzo Esposizione
  • Chinese Embassy
  • Cultural Centre, N.Smirni
  • Cultural Institution, Markopoulo Greece
  • International Exhibition of Mosaic (AIMC) Athens
  • G.and M. Vergati Institution, From Ancient to Modern Mosaic Art

Artist’s Statement

“Art is not something tangible.
Art is something that floats in the air
… something you can see in the sky
… on everyday images that meets our gaze on the street.
Art is an idea, the way we live, what we feel, what is happening! “

Available artworks

red road in room