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Lex Pan



Independent, self- taught artist Lex Pan, focuses her practice primarily on abstract portraiture, she brings these portraits to life through her playful digital illustrations, her abstract acrylic-based portraits and her monochromatic designs. Exploring themes of identity, human connection, mental health and isolation, her work usually involves human- like creatures struggling to come to terms with their own emotions. You may often find some type of written conversation in her works, which embraces this theme of humancommunication and understanding, however nothing is definitive – there is always room for exerting your own messages in her work.

Lex uses her art as a medium to encourage her own personal growth as well as her viewers’ – primarily through human connection – as one of her works is provocatively called “Darling, we only have each other,” a personal favourite artwork of the artist, which was created as a means to encourage human relationships to grow through each other – in a world of crisis.

Having moved to London at a young age for her Drama & English Literature BA, she was quickly exposed to the vibrant art world of London. Later on, she started working at an East End contemporary art gallery as well as as a studio assistant to an established artist – where she was inspired to pursue her own career. She is now based in a small “atelier” in Thessaloniki, Greece always found in her signature pink sweater which is filled with her colourful brush strokes – and a paint brush in her hair.

  • 1st solo exhibition “Step Closer My Love I Don’t Bite” at Ro Art Space, Thessaloniki
  • group exhibition at Art Number 23 Thissio, Athens

Artist’s Statement

“Most of the times, I don’t know exactly what I’m making until I’m actually making it, and then it suddenly all comes together, emotions… lots of emotions, old poems I’ve written, and just generally situations I haven’t healed from… I guess one could describe it as a very colourful, emotional soiree.”

Available Artworks

All tears dry out eventually