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Lex Pan


Lex Pan is the artistic name of Alexandra Panagiotidou, a Greek- Australian artist whose work primarily depicts human – like creatures struggling to come to terms with their own emotions. Her work involves powerful illustrations that captivate the troubling anxieties people deal with in today’s age. She approaches these emotions with a humoristic tone, a lot of colour and a bit of sarcasm.

She began her artistic career in 2021 after spending seven years in London, studying Drama & English Literature and working for an East End contemporary art gallery, as well as a studio assistant. Working under the wing of established sculptor, she decided that it was time to pursue her own career in visual arts and started exhibiting her work online, trying to capture emotions that are difficult to put into simple words. Using playful digital illustrations and abstract oil based paintings, her work explores themes of identity, human connection, mental health and sexuality.

Now she has moved back to her hometown, has already had her first solo show “Step Closer My Love, I don’t Bite  in 2021, at “ΡΩ”, and since then has entered various group shows; She is now ready for her next solo show “ Cupid Shoots to Kill” taking place outside of Greece, in Paphos Cyprus at “Psifida Art Gallery”.

  • pop up group exhibition x Artworld the Gallery at Uncle Tans Drinking House, Pireaus
  • solo show “Cupid Shoots To Kill” at Psifida Art Gallery, Paphos
  • collab show with Sophia Darmousli “Feeling Myself” at Gallery Microu, Thessaloniki
  • group exhibition “Blooming” x Artworld the Gallery at Teras, Athens
  • group exhibition Arco 02, Athens
  • group exhibition Arco 01, Athens
  • group exhibition “From Ρω with love” at Ρώ Γκαλερί, Thessaloniki
  • conversas presentation “Phenno”, Thessaloniki
  • group exhibition “Ιδανικές Μορφές” at Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki
  • solo exhibition “Step Closer My Love I Don’t Bite” at Ρω Γκαλερί, Thessaloniki
  • group exhibition at Art Number 23 Thissio, Athens

Artist’s Statement

“Most of the times, I don’t know exactly what I’m making until I’m actually making it, and then it suddenly all comes together, emotions… lots of emotions, old poems I’ve written, and just generally situations I haven’t healed from… I guess one could describe it as a very colourful, emotional soiree.”

Available Artworks

All tears dry out eventually