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Self- taught oil artist Kler was born in Athens, Greece (2001) and stayed there ever since. Kler was drawn by art since a young age, starting with realistic art on her primary years, but during her BA on Early Childhood Education and quarantine, she discovered expressionism mixed with cubism, which she used as a medium to calm and express her emotions, and it quickly developed into her personal art style. Through her paintings she aims to express the beauty of diversity along with the unity of the soul. Kler believes that we can be different in shape or color, but our glance and soul are all the same. She is deeply inspired by human nature and the way that the universe works.

  • Group exhibition “Katalogue” at ARCH live stage
  • Group exhibition at ENTEKA Athens
  • Group exhibition at Iamart (syros)
  • Pop up group exhibition x Artworld at Uncle Tans Drinking House
  • Group exhibition Arco 02 x Yucatan at Opbo Studio
  • Group exhibition at Art Number 23
  • Guest Artist x Tedxaueb 2022 at Hellenic Cosmos
  • Group exhibition Arco 03 x Yucatan at Gazi Box
  • Group exhibition “Blooming” x Artworld at Teras
  • Group exhibition Arco 04 x Yucatan at Gazi Box
  • Pop up solo exhibition “VLEMMATA” at Marika Hybrid Space
  • Group exhibition at Art Number 23
  • Group exhibition at Marika Hybrid Space
  • Poster of the Chryssa Kontogeorgopoulou’s show “Alma de la rosa”

Artist’s Statement

“Everything is art, art is everything”. 

Available Artworks