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Christos Kalogiros


Chistos Kalogiros was born in Ioannina, Greece in 1987 and now he lives and paints in Athens. After completing his initial studies as a medical laboratory technologist, he studied the biology of the human structure microscopically, a fact that contributed to his familiarity with images from the inner human body. His need for expression though, led him to the Athens School of Fine Arts and gratuated in 2020. Later he was accepted in Royal College in London where he got his master in painting.

During his childhood he grew up in a rural area, where the pictures of the landscape and the interaction of people within it, became his daily routine.

His artistic attempts, fascinated by the huge dimensions of the canvas, made him deal with the concept of the landscapes and how these are developed through human interventions and the technological point of view, which has substituted our relationship with the natural landscape itself. He uses the colour as a means of creating new formalistic spaces, while simultaneously the transference of the everyday life images with the use of pencil, comes to create a parallel reality which is nervously dreaming about the future landscapes.


  • “Sweet lemon pie” solo exhibition, Genesis Gallery, Greece
  • “Blooming” by Artworld, Teras Athens, Greece
  • “Summer”, Athens Art Gallery, Greece
  • “Stand in Line “, Art Space, Cyprus
  • “Memory Warehouses” by Braggart, JOIST, Greece.
  • 9th Biennale, Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece
  • “Rooms” project, Kappatos Gallery, Greece.
  •  The Symptom Projects, Greece
  • “Circuits & Currents”, Geneva School of Fine Arts, Switzerland








Artist’s Statement

“In an era overwhelmed by the rapid transmission of information and images, I choose to communicate through an abstract language in my painting. This way, I give a dynamic quality to my compositions, with which I aim to provoke thought and create questions for the viewer, granting them the freedom to interact and develop their own personal dialogue with the work.”

Available Artworks