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We were working in the field of luxury sales when we first met. Although we shared the same love for art and wanted to become a part of it. We realized that our country, Greece, doesn’t have a stong online presence when it comes to art. The importance of digital art in 21th century is that everyone can easily purchase almost everything even if this is on the other side of the world.

That is exactly what we wanted to do. With a fresh look, we want to boost upcoming artists from our country to be a part of the online Artworld and also unite them with artists from all around the world and make their art accesible to the public. An online platform full of potential for the “fresh blood” and create awareness for the art lovers.

Pothiti Kanellidi George Giannoulis



Pothiti Kanellidi

Co founder, Art Historian

With a BA in Art History, Pothiti grew a true passion to everything concerning the contemporary art- from a pen to a painting. During her MA in Art Law and Arts Management she learned a more practical side of art that really helped her and George with this endeavor. Meeting artists with limitless ideas and talent is an inspiration for her and something to really work with, combining knowledge and passion for art.

George Giannoulis

Co founder, Jet setter

George, born and raised in Athens, studied in the field of health sciences but he has always been a restless spirit. His need to explore and to break new ground led to his involvement with art. After many years experience in the fashion industry, he meets Pothiti by chance and everything seemed to happen for a reason. And that was the landmark point to bring ARTWORLD to life.


You can always contact us for art advisory. If you need help about what to choose or have a proposal for a totally costomizable product don’t hesitate to reach us.


Our headquarters are located downtown Athens, at Exarcheia. We are waiting to welcome you to our gallery and meet you in person!


We have selected for you the best in every field; high-quality printing, handmade frames, delivery expertise.

We collaborate with ambitious brands and people; we’d love to build something great together.